How I became a cat person...

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How I became a cat person...

postby Hell Toupee » 06/09/16 @ 18:11

Some of you might know me as one of the bastions of dog-appreciation in this group of cat fanatics.... Well today I was at the gym, finished my workout, when I'm just checking out my tires to see if the cords are showing yet because last time they were worn to the wear bars. A nice man walks by and asks if he can help and I say what I'm doing. He tells me they're worn to the wear bars but I'm not really paying attention because I'm petting his adorable little dogger. Then we get to start talking about cars while I continue to melt in the heat. It was a great discussion but with the hot summer weather, eventually it gets uncomfortable and even my legs are sweaty. Wait... no... that's not sweat... that's dog piss. In that moment, in the eyes of a dog, I lost all humanity. I became nothing more than a mere object, akin to a fire hydrant... and suddenly my priorities switched.

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Re: How I became a cat person...

postby Teejay187 » 06/12/16 @ 15:41

Good to hear! Welcome!
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Re: How I became a cat person...

postby phillyb™ » 06/13/16 @ 14:32

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