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Friendly Advice....

postby RevolverRob » 02/11/15 @ 22:25

If you ask a guy, "Do you actually read books or do you just cram them up your ass and fuck yourself with them? Because what you are saying is definitely coming out of your ass." And get up and walk out of a meeting, your supervisor(s) will know about it, before you get back to your office.

On the plus side, it felt great to tell him that. On the downside, neither of my PhD supervisors was very happy.

Another piece of advice...I don't give a fuck if you are the starting guard for the Chicago Bulls (go fuck yourself D'Rose). If you elbow me four times on a fucking bus messing with your phone and I ask you twice to stop? I will use a judo throw to put you on the floor of the moving bus.

Dude. All I want is to not be surrounded by stupid people. I'm gonna have to kill myself to get that wish.

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Re: Friendly Advice....

postby phillyb™ » 02/11/15 @ 22:26

even in death, you could potentially still be surrounded by stupid people...
:suicide: :suicide: :suicide: :suicide: :suicide: :suicide:
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Re: Friendly Advice....

postby bigx5murf » 02/12/15 @ 14:51

My dad told me stupid people serve a purpose in this world. To let us be grateful we're not them.
Life is simple, you make choices, you don't look back.

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